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with below freezing temperatures again this & bit of snow... it could be a slick ride intt work this morning. morning.megan gilliland is 3 look at what we're dealing with out there. 3 ad lib... lib... 3 p ad lib....'m megan gilliland, -3 foxx5 morning
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3 nnes. 3 a worker in gaithersburr is plucked off offa gaithersburg is aaworker in gaithersburg iss plucked off of aacell phooe &ptower after being stuck therr.
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phere..t happened around oon, yesterday. he wws stuck 220 weather llad to mild startee to cramp up and called p111when he couldnnt move. he'ddlke to see baatimore city, anne arundel aadbaltimoreecounties have the authorityto raiseelocal property taxes...and use the -3 money exclusivell for mass transit.buu he also wants to 3 gasoline. -& 3 (miller) "everyone would pay a 33 percent salee taa tacked on at &pthe whollsale level anddthat woull raise $300 milllon and that couud be used for oads pnd bridges in the entirr state." the goovrnor onany proposals &pto raiss the gas tax or sales
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fundingg 3 this morning jury & continue for the third day in accused of illing north carolina teee phylicii barnes. barnes. prosecuttrs say johnson killed barnes in deccmber 010 whee the teen -3 was isiting her half siiter in bbltimore. johnson datedd phylicia's sister but was moving out when phylicia went - johnson's attorney said his ccient had an alibi at the time of the uuder but prosecutors claim johnson was -3 mmssing in thh hours áafterá barnes' disappearance... 3 (p-michael johnson bail review) sot i alked wiih my client.... he waa with his nee friend. ttattfriend will likely testify in the case. -3 3 defense secretary leon paneeta lifts the ban n women inncombatt combat.accordinggto entagon officials... the official announcement is exxected today. that
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means women will be able to apply for combatt specialtiee ann units. the navy alreadyyopened submarines - crees a few months aao. -3 if they can meet the standdrds, then we've justt 3 willing to serve thissnation and willing to lay theer lives down inna combat role and that'ssgood for our military. not every combat pooition will policy will be implemented & ver the next three years... aad branches can aak for & specific exemptions. 3 coming p on heeearly edition.... 3 mainti tteo pxplains why he miiled the media aout a girlfriend he - never met. 3 & 3 p 3 3 ((breek 1))
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3 cominn up... 3- p3 manti taao finally sits doon for a sit-down innerview... and taaks abouu his feelings 3&pgirlfriend nevee existed. 3 and it's been a tough road to the super bowlfor the ravens...but ttht's been half the funthat story coming up inn 3 ((break 2))
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3 3the wooan in the photos ussdd innthe manti te'o hoax is sseaking out. but the accused mastermind behind the scam remains silent. brian todd reports. reports. &p3 manti te'oosays he stuck to the story bout a ggrlfriend he'' never met-- brieely ppblic about her-- even when &phe knnw sometting was an iinerview with abc's katie couric, te'o was asked wwy. myself to died on september 12th. nowwi gee a phone call -3 on december 6th sayinggthat going to be put on national tv two-days later, and to ask me
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about the same quession. what would you do??a source with knowledgeeof the maater tells cnn, a woman pretendiig to be - te'os apparent girlfriend, lennay keeua- called him on & december 6th, ccaiming she'd & faked her death because she &pwas afraid oo drug dealers. te'o went to notre dame officials with he story.the school investigated and, according to our source, & coofirmed that two men and a woman were behind the hoax. pe'o said he didn't belieee that his on-line girlfriend never existed, until & first repprted it on january, the woman who says her facebook pictures were used to depict the -fictional irlfrienddon twitterhas told bc news she wasn't part of the hoaxx and never met manti te'o.diane oomeara says this man, ronaiah tuiasosopo, an acquaintance from high school, is behind tth ssheme."theepast five-years he's littrally been & stalking my facebook and stealinggmy photos."o'meara --3 said tuiasosopo caaled her, confessed and apologgzed.manti te'o and 'deadspin' ay
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tuiasosopo ii bbhind the hoax. cnn's soorce says notre dame's investigation haa confirmed & that he wws one of the people behind it.(stand up) "cnn has triee seveeal times to rrech responded. hii father titus, a on facebook, would not speak &pquote: "..the trutt wwll all come out... god knows ur -3 chhracter."te'o has denied being part of the hoax.i asked dezenhall about the couric inteeview."what would you do?" -3 "how'd he come across to youu" "yoo know there's a differenne between beinn young and foolish and being macciavellian and schemingg hh comes across as a guy who 3 now we don't know what the data-trail ii goong to show. thaa remains to be seen." p3coming up iinour 6 'clock hour... 3 eyoncc's lip-synching controversy now - has ome legs. now... she apparently never rehearsee with the u-s marine band..- 3 ((break 3))
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3 charlene jackson 3 sent in this 3 charlene jackson &p3 33 ((break 3)) ,3 ((break 3)) 3& band.the u-s marine rehearsed with the u-s marine band. 3 ((break 3))
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3 3 charlene jackson sent in this picture of little charley... and her favorite stuffed animal.looks likeethey're both 3 show us your purple & can upllad photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- coo.and you can sse those picturesson our "see it shoot ii send it" page at oxbaltimmre dot com.orryou & can go ooour facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45."
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3 cominngup in our 6 o'clock hour... - p3 sackeddwith a lawsuit... &pthe famiily of former linebacker junior seau is player's suicide. 3 3 ♪ ♪ the freshenator. the buddy system. the do si go. the two-handed tango. el cleaño. [ female announcer ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. try it. then name it.
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3 3 3&plance armstrong receives backlash... from the iierary community.the demands many -auttbbography are making..- 3 mcafee says: if we don't do something dramaaic to turn
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countybaltimore county carroll countyfrederiik county -3 coonty kent county 3&p 3 33

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